๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ 50USD IN PRIZES, Repeat Out Loud, Challenge - India

:wink: We have a challenge for you.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: We have $50USD in prizes, you must complete 25 or more โ€œRepeat Out Loudโ€ tasks. All your tasks must be submitted correctly. Only 10 collaborators will be the winners, each one will receive $5USD.

:date: The challenge starts from the moment you receive this email and ends 24 hours later.

:eyes: Read these tips to help you complete tasks correctly:

  • You should be in a quiet place, where no background noise can be heard.
  • You should not repeat the prompt two or more times, just do it once.
  • If you think that what you have recorded contains background noises, or you have not pronounced a word correctly, you can repeat the recording as many times as you want. Remember that your tasks will be rejected if they are not delivered correctly and if you complete tasks incorrectly you will be disqualified from the challenge.
  • You must verify that your microphone is recording correctly. To do this, you can see that the sound lines shown below the prompt move every time you speak.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • You should not talk to another person, listen to music, or do anything else that may distract you while performing the task or prevent the good quality of your recording.
  • Keep a distance of 15 to 35 cm from the microphone.
  • You must wait for the 3-second countdown to end at each prompt before you begin speaking, and wait 3 seconds before proceeding to the next prompt.

@AustimMunoz but there are no tasks available.

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no task available and show a blank page always

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@AustimMunoz The repeat-out loud tasks are available in my account for the past two days. Please check.

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We have already solved the problem, you can continue to do tasks.

Hi, I have checked, and you have already completed all the Repeat Out Loud tasks. you can complete transcription tasks, if you have any doubts completing transcription tasks you can let me know.

Hi, @Sahildas, we are reviewing your account to resolve the problem.

Hi, I am trying the transcription task after that. Some of the recordings are really inaudible and canโ€™t hear it properly. And this result in less accuracy which fails the earnings.

When you listen to an audio with total silence you must transcribe it as:

[00:00:00] [INAUDIBLE 00:00:00]

You must press the F4 or Fn + F4 key to place the tag [INAUDIBLE 00:00:00]

Tell me if you still have problems or doubts.

Okaayโ€ฆThank youโ€ฆplease see to it.

Winners of the Repeat Out Loud challenge:

:star: Congratulation

  • Kanika
  • Ashwini
  • @adCee_02
  • Mallika
  • Muraharish
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