🔥 A new Mega Challenge is here!

We have a new Mega Challenge for you! :scream:
:smile: Don’t miss this opportunity.

:raised_hands: To qualify, you must submit at least 200 transcription tasks in English with at least 5% contribution. The 10 participants who submit the most tasks during the Mega Challenge and maintain a 91% accuracy will win the prizes at the end of the Challenge.

:point_right: Whoever submits the most tasks wins. However, you will not qualify if your precision is lower than 91%.

:1st_place_medal: Prizes:
1st and 2nd place: 30 USD each
3rd - 5th place: 10 USD each
6th - 10th place: 5 USD each

:chart_with_upwards_trend: VIEW STATISTICS*

*A few hours after the Challenge has started, a link will be available!

:date: Tasks submitted between the 22nd and the 23rd of April are eligible to participate.

:point_right: Remember, most of the current tasks require answering questions, learn here how to complete them correctly.

:point_right: Tasks that contain INAUDIBLE or FOREIGN do not count towards the Challenge.

To participate, you only need to complete transcription tasks in Atexto; an extra registration is not required.

Do you have any doubts? Ask here below! :arrow_double_down:


I have lots of pending correction from April 22, 2021, maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t qualify to the challenge.

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Hi @Ariaskarla, are under review.

The prizes have been credited!

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Que bom! :blush:
Por favor, como eu faço para visualizar o valor do prêmio na minha conta?

O mega desafio português termina amanhã e os prêmios serão creditados até a próxima terça-feira, já creditamos os prêmios do mega desafio em inglês.

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I too have many tasks that need to be reviewed from the 22nd

Hi @mamahuggiebear, your tasks will always be reviewed.

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