A week without transcription tasks

it’s been about a week with no English transcription tasks at all
I kept waiting for new tasks to appear since I know sometimes tasks are temporarily unavailable, but it has been a long time, since last Tuesday to be specific.
I need to know if there is something wrong.


Me too. I’ve got a comment on here too. strange.

Same here. I had two tasks pop in today which were both in Spanish so it would be great to know if something is wrong.

yes, I got only two Spanish tasks yesterday as well, and I used the [not-english] tag yet they both had 0% precision and contribution, and the review added a Spanish transcription -which is a mistake obviously - so I reported them. and ended up with 0 tasks.

I’m new to Atexto about 1 week and in the last 3 days there have been no tasks of any kind available. Does this happen often?

Hi, I’m Sara, and I have a request to make. Can somebody please give me some new tasks to complete? Tasks from whichever category will suffice. However, I’m going to need at least a couple new ones every few days. Thank you.

Hello, it’s been three days already and it keeps saying no new transcription tasks, and also doesn’t let me do any of the other voice tasks. I have already done nearly 300 tasks, is this just where it stops? Kind of suspicious.

Bonjour , ne vous inquiétez pas on attend tous , Victoria a dit prochainement il y aura de nouvelles missions , en grosse partie on attend depuis une semaine , ca viendra :wink:

Why aren’t there any tasks available?

Same problem here, No transcription tasks available 3 days in a row now.

We Italians haven’t had any transcriptions for almost two months !!!

Trying to do transcription have tried googl and edge get the same eroor.

I had an English one a few days ago that was corrected into Spanish which was obviously wrong. I flagged it but it still hasn’t been corrected…

well, I have flagged about 5 pages of tasks and none of them was ever corrected so …

Buen día, hace dos semana que me registre en esta pagina y aun no recibo ninguna tarea ni de transcripción, o dilo con tus propias palabras, o repite en voz alta, me gustaría saber si me podrían colaborar con esta situación.

¡Hola @estefany.cadena! Si realizas tareas en español te recomendamos que te unas a nuestra comunidad hispanohablante, aquí. En esa comunidad podrás ver los últimos anuncios, competencias y tareas disponibles en español.

Llevo mas de 3 semanas sin tareas justo cuando estaba cerca de completar el monto mínimo para completar mi primer retiro ¿Qué pasa?

En este momento no hay tareas disponibles en español. Si quieres más novedades al respecto, por favor, únete a nuestra comunidad hispanohablante. :smiley:

I did submitted over 900 task in a day. And the next day I expected more task but unfortunately am hardly getting any since.

Good day. Its been 2 weeks and no transcription task. this is the only available task in my country. THANK YOU