All right vs Alright

Can we add an English version of this guide below please in the Help Center for other transcribers to be guided? It really helps get that confusion cleared up and making sure transcriptions are accurate.


Hi @Jai0813,
I will give you updates on this later, as what is shown in that article is going to change.
The article mentions that the correct transcript is “alright”.
Possibly “All right” is the right word now.

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Thanks for being on top of this @AustimMunoz!

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Hi @AustimMunoz, so should we use “all right” or either is fine?

Hi! I’ve been receiving corrections about this and it is inconsistent. It’s either the corrections indicate that it should be “All right” or “Alright.” Would love to receive an update on this one!

Yes, I get those corrections too. When I do receive “all right” and “alright”, I just leave them be. How do you transcribe it @kuinaaa?

I leave them be as well. Although, I still get corrections for some.

I have already confirmed that “All right” is the correct form.
I will post the link to the article here when it is created.