Am i just wasting my time here?


Been doing this for hours since I started signing up. Not everyday I am receiving tasks. But when I do, I work for hours… and this is just what I received… please tell me if I’m doing something wrong or if I’m not doing enough?

What kind of tasks have you been working on? I have not worked for hours, but just a little time every now and then for the past two weeks. I now have 75 dollar.

I am just doing the “like to transcribe” because that is the only available task for me since I started. Please help me. Am I doing something wrong or am I not doing enough? Thank you very much!

Did you read the transcription guide really good? Because they deduct pay when you don’t do a propper job. They provide lot’s of information on transcribing. If you read said information carefully and use it while transcribing you should notice a difference.

same here. hardwork for a penny for a whole day transcribing. slow moving for about $0.01 in almost an hour. whats wrong with the ongoing corrections and calculations.