Atexto Mobile: tell us about your experience

The recent update that allows you to complete tasks from your mobile has been launched.
We would like to know what you think about the user experience.

Rate from 0 to 5 the new update of Atexto Mobile, your opinion is very important to us, that’s why we have launched this survey.

Being 1: Very bad
Being 5: Excellent

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How to do stamping from the mobile?

Hi @Sheilaferrao

  • Tap and hold the screen to bring up a menu of tags.
  • Select the tag that matches what you’re listening to in the audio.

Do you have more questions?

Thanks . I have one more question. I checked my money page on Friday. It only showed July earnings, please let me know how to check my June earnings?

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Mobile version need to be more user friendly, because right now many of dashboard as well as panel unable to show in single screen. There should be a tab to select mobile or pc version.


Hi @Sheilaferrao,
I have recorded a video of how you can change the date from your mobile.
You can watch it here:

@Raggy09, Thanks for your feedback

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Thank you for your response and the video. Will use it on Friday.

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