Atexto payments

Payment to my PayPal has been reversed to Atexto. Because at that time I was not eligible for the international payments. My verification is complete now and I have received the email from PayPal to tell the sender to reinitiate the payment as it has been reversed. Does anyone know what do now?

Hi! Can you please tell us when did you make said withdrawal, your current paypal adress and the email you use of your Atexto account please?

I withdrew on 8th January and my PayPal and email address is

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You will receive your payment within 3-5 business days.

Hi Victoria, I have a same issue me too about my money which was reversed. I made a withdrawal on 22 January
My current Paypal email address is
My email for Atexto account is

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I have 14$ earned from atexto but i still can’t withdraw it . My email aa well as paypal is same

@Saurav09 You have 0,14$ not 14$

I don’t think both are different

Well, they are about one hundred times different

But there is comma not decimal.

Right now you only have $ 0.14 = 10 INR, you need at least $ 10.00 = 750 INR to withdraw.

it’s not 14 it’s 0.14

Sooo… when is mine coming? Its been a while now.

Hello @MissKoala, We have been reviewing payments this week, your payment is included and will be made tomorrow.