🔥 Attention English users, this survey is for you!

This survey is only for collaborators who submit tasks in English!

We have now quadrupled your earnings per task!

Could you evaluate from 0 to 5 the pay you receive for the tasks today, your opinion is very important to us, that is why we made the survey.

Being 1: Very bad
Being 5: Excellent

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I can sense that most English transcriptionist here are already tired of participating in this survey because of low payment.

It’s impossible to do 100tasks/per hour for like 8-12 hours non-stop without taking breaks. One might do 200tasks within a space of 2hours but can’t continue in that frequency for some hours and days to follow. Taking the average of $0.011 per task which Atexto do pay, one is likely to earn average $10 or less per day when one works for 12hours, and it’s impossible to continue working for 12hours for weeks without taking a day off. One is likely to earn a total of $100+ as a 12hour transcriptionist before this current project will be over.

From my observations: don’t use Atexto as your main source of income or full-time job because there are periods when there will be no job.

Atexto payment has discouraged many because their expectations wasn’t met.

In comparison to other transcribing website Atexto lags behind. For Atexto to be competitive with other platforms, their payment needs to increase to a level where transcriptionist will prefer to work for Atexto than work for other platforms. For example, a friend of mine complained bitterly to me that she earned $0.97 after doing 178tasks. She stopped immediately. I know other transcriptionist here might have complained or stopped working without voicing out here.

Well, this is my own opinion and observations.

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