Audio Overlapping Error

Hi! When transcribing today I seem to have been getting the unavailable audio screen but the audio keeps on playing. It’s not even just a snip of the audio, it’s the entire thing, no cuts, just the speakers talking all through out. There isn’t a leave task option at the bottom as well. The only way to get out of it is to click on the back button that says “I like to transcribe.”

Anyone else getting the same error/issue? My point here is, this has got to be resolved if this was a glitch on the Atexto website and that this should not affect the other transcribed tasks we’ve done so far. The only way to get out of the error is to go back and I don’t know if it even saved the previous tasks I already did in a row.

Please, please, please look into this @AustimMunoz or have someone take a look at these errors.

Editing: It’s done it three times now and this is the screenshot of the unavailable audio error but audio is ongoing and doesn’t stop.


I do have the same error.

same here…happened to me too several times…and since the audio is the entire conversation, some personal information are really complete and private.

I just refresh my browser.

Thank you, @Jai0813, for reporting this problem.

Hi @Jai0813, Do you still have this problem?

Hi! I have not had issues today so far on overlapping audio. I will be continuing later in the day and will let you know in case I’d encounter it again.

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Hi @AustimMunoz, I’m currently having the same problem right now. What do I do to be able to transcribe? I’ve tried refreshing my browser, clearing cache and even using Incognito window but it’s still not working.

Hi @snmagabilin,
Do you still have it there?
Can you send a screenshot?
And if you have a video even better.

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It’s suddenly fine now. I hope I won’t be getting the same problem the next time.

If you still want to know what it was like, it’s literally the same picture as the one posted above except there was audio playing and every time I pressed the ‘take another task’ button, another audio would play overlapping the other one.

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Thank you for informing us, if the problem happens again, do not doubt to share it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And thank you for trying to help us. By the way, are we running out of tasks? I’ve been seeing ‘take a break’ notice.

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same here, no task, it says take a break. Ummm…I don’t need any break, I need money lol

No tasks are available, we will notify you through the community and by mail when tasks are available. :smiley:

Bonjour, j’ai également le problème cité plus haut. Si cela peut se résoudre aisément, mon inquiétude porte plutôt sur le fait que je retrouve ces tâches dans les tâches entièrement corrigées alors que je n’ai même pas pu travailler dessus. Je suppose qu’il s’agit d’un petit bug. Est-ce résolu chez vous ?

Bonjour @Virginie, ce bogue a été signalé et est en cours de résolution, il ne sera pas long à corriger, merci de le mentionner. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: