😯 Audios in another language?

We have detected a frequent error and we want to help you increase your quality in transcription tasks.
This frequent error is due to the incorrect use of tags, have you ever manually typed the tags? if so you have been doing it wrong, the correct way to place tags in transcriptions is by using the shortcut keys.

For example, if you hear a word in another language you should register that audio fragment with the FOREIGN tag, to do this you should select the shortcut key F6 to mark words in another language.
Hello, good morning, I want to get more information about l’assurance-vie.

The correct transcription would be:

[00:00:00] Hello, good morning, I want to get more information about [FOREIGN 00:00:06].

Here we leave you a table with the shortcut key that corresponds to each situation:

Shortcut key Description
F8 Non-verbal sounds
F6 Foreign
F4 Inaudible

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Hi @AnkitB, yes, it is legitimate,
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But when I use those shortcut keys, it is not automatically showing. I think those shortcut is not working on my laptop?

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Try to use the (Fn key + the shortcut key)
example: Fn + F8

Of course, your withdrawal is being processed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: