Bizzare solde négatif

c’est bizzare, c’est la deuxième fois que je voit ca!?
this is weird it is the second time it’s doing it…

Vince, your negative balance has been resolved.

no sir NOT AT ALL nobody looked at my account history
??? saturday + sunday earnings = not 14$

at that date i was -43 and i worked till i reack +14

looking every single minutes cents by cents

this should be discussed in private sir but i’ve been banned in the middle of a discussion

Is your problem because you had a negative balance (-43), and you completed tasks up to $14, then your balance reached -29, and when your balance became positive again you were missing money.
Is this the case, or am I wrong?

i worked over 15 h reaching 2200 tasks to make it become positive and get up in ranking… posting here, and everywhere claiming to be answered

you are missing the other screenshot in slack ( that i cannot acces anymore ) proving that my account was not fixed yet when i reached -6$

Votre solde n’est pas perdu, lorsque le problème du solde négatif est résolu, la valeur de toutes les tâches est recalculée.

je ne vous crois pas puisque le solde est encore moins élevé qu’au début… je suis encore négatif et vous continuez de poser des questions ce qui prouve que vous n’avez aucune idée du montant qu’il me manque.

Sorry but… le solde est toujourrs perdu oui. I am affraid to work and lost my time this week because of the negative balance.

Your money is still in your account, it is being displayed erroneously, but this problem will be solved.