Cannot make any task


Everytime I try to make any task appears the following info in pictures bellow.
How can i change that?

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another example of the message that appears once i try to make a task

That means that there is already a high number of recordings to transcribe and those have to be done before more audios can be created. :slight_smile:

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Merci @MaggyeD,

@patricia.isa.nazario, can you confirm me your native country so I can check if you have transcription tasks available.

same here almost two weeks now.

Bom dia, moro no Brasil, estou tentando realizar tarefas em português, mas para mim nada disponível, alguma previsão de quando teremos mais trabalhos disponíveis?

Att, Creuza

Hi @Ravelorie no tasks are available yet, we will notify you through the community and by mail when more tasks are available.

Bom dia @ccmirandas,
Ainda não há notícias sobre novas tarefas. :confused:

Hello @AustimMunoz

Thank you for your response. My country is Portugal.

Hello @patricia.isa.nazario,
I have confirmed and your account is enabled for the tasks in Portuguese, at the moment the tasks in Portuguese are not available, you will always be notified by mail and through the community when they are enabled.