Can't access "Repeat out loud"

New user here (English, US). Every time I try to access “Repeat out loud” it tells me that “your session has timed out,” and then a few seconds later automatically redirects me to the login page, no matter how recently I’ve logged in.

Hi! I’m sorry you’ve been having this issue! Could you try following these instructions and entering a valid phone number (taking into account the area codes, etc)?

Hola, buenas noches!
Quiero ingresar a “Repetir en voz alta” y me queda la pantalla en blanco. Lo intente desde el Chrome y el Explorer. Alguien sabe que puede ser? Muchas gracias

I can’t open repeat out loud task,
I’m clicking/pressing on complete task, it is not responding :pleading_face:

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We have recently run out of tasks, we will notify you by mail when the tasks will be available again. Stay tuned.

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Hello I am a newbie. After reading the “Complete Task”, there is an instruction to click EXIT. I can not find this on the page. May I know where to find EXIT?

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Can you send me a screenshot of the section where you are? So I can show you which is the exit button.

Here is a screenshot of the “Exit” I mentioned.
Thank you.

I see you are trying to complete Repeat Out Loud tasks, right?
But these tasks are not available in your region. We will notify you by mail and through the community when they are available for you.

Oh I see. What are the tasks that are available in my region?

Only a limited number of transcription tasks are coming in every few hours, but there is no definite date and time as to when they are being enabled.

This is because there is no official project in your region, you can always check your account and verify the transcription tasks (I like to transcribe).

me too I can’t access the Repeat out loud task. please help

same as mine. i cannot access ny REPEAT OUT LOUD TASK. same in the screen shot

Hi @camillearzula,
Repeat aloud tasks are not available in your region, you can try to complete “I want to transcribe” tasks.