Cant complete/start any tasks

I registered yesterday and I still haven’t been able to do anything, only get “Take a break!” or “Ooooooops … Unavailable audio” over and over again, the same with “What’s it about?”
This is normal?

Hi, currently there are only “What’s it about” tasks.

We have a prize, you can read more here:

Still only get “Take a break!” :confused:

You have chosen Spanish as your mother language,
Is this the language in which you want to complete the tasks? Is Spanish your mother language?

Yes my mother language is Spanish, and want to complete them in spanish

Hi, @nina7,
You can join the community in Spanish
Soon we will have new tasks :slightly_smiling_face:
:point_right: ¿De qué se trata?, ¡nuevas tareas muy pronto!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: que bien se ve espero pueda participar, aprender y obtener premios.

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