Can't log into Atexto Account

It seems like my account has been deleted without prior notice. I have $14 in my account yet to be withdrawn tomorrow. Also, I can understand why I’m not receiving my payment yet from the first time I have withdrawn funds since today is just the second business day, but with my account being deleted, will I still be able to get the cash?

Please consider looking into this. I would love to know whether or not I will be able to retrieve my account and receive my payment. Thanks!

P.S. I’ve already tried resetting my password, but to no avail. The only conclusion I can come up with is that my email is invalid, ergo, my account has really been deleted.

Hi @leery, you can read this article, if you have questions let me know.

If you had already requested a withdrawal, prior to this situation, it will be retained until it goes through a new review process.

Then I will not be able to receive my payment unless I retrieve my account?

Is my payment just deferred or I will not receive it anymore?

You can read the information shown in the guide:

What about my accumulated money?
The money will remain in the account until the completion of the review process. In case the account is activated again it will be reopened with the accumulated total.

Hello, @AustimMunoz. I recently retrieved my Atexto account, and up to this day, I still haven’t received my payment from my first withdrawal. Will you be able to give me a heads up regarding that?

Hello @leery, Could you send me a screenshot of that payment you did not receive?

here it is, I’ve withdrawn it on June 25 and never received it since.

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Hi @AustinMunoz. Any updates?

@leery, I will confirm within 2 days to determine if your payment can be made next week.

@AustimMunoz I’ll reach out to you in two days, then. Thanks.

@AustimMunoz, hi again. Can you confirm it now?

Hi @leery,
This is the information I received.
Your account was blocked for a certain time, and during that time your payment was rejected because most of your tasks did not qualify for payment.
However, if your account had not been blocked, the tasks would always be reviewed to verify that they qualify for payment.
This process has been done for all accounts and all withdrawals.

A week ago, a new update was added that allows you to have more chances before being blocked, and you can be more aware of your mistakes to avoid your tasks being rejected.

Read more about this here:

Okay, I understand. Thank you.

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Hi again @AustimMunoz, recently I made my second withdrawal of $12 from my account. Today is the 4th business day, and others, who have received their payment, said that it is most likely to receive the payment on Thursdays.

Could you check if the payment is in the process or if I have, once again, failed to meet the minimum requirements.

Nevermind, just received my payment!

Hi, @leery
reat! :smiley:

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