Change of transcription language


I was doing English transcription but suddenly I started receiving German transcription and also my country was changed from USA to Germany. Though I have switched it back to USA but yet I still get German transcription

Hi! We have checked your account and now you should be able to access english tasks without problems!

Hola yo tengo tambien ese problema ya tenia el idioma en español para trabajar, aunque vivo en EEUU, pero me lo cambiaron al ingles si me ayudan.

¡Hola @Xenia! Hemos revisado y tu cuenta se encuentra en español. Si no puedes acceder a tareas es porque no hay más tareas disponibles en español. Para más novedades dirígete a nuestra comunidad hispanohablante.

Hi! I have the same problem. My first language that I selected was English. Then, a days later, the page ask me again. Why? As I speak english and spanish I thought that selecting “spanish” nothing will happen. But it did happen. Now the page says “ooooops”. I can’t transcribe anymore.

Can I have my first selection of language again? “English”?

Hi, I have the same problem, I was looking for english tasks and recently I started receiving Portuguese transcriptions, Can I have the English transcriptions again please ?

Hi @Victoria I am having the same problem. English main language but, I’m receiving Spanish I think. Please, help.

I also have the transcription in spanish, but I am french.

Hi @Victoria ! My transcriptions are in spanish though I originally chose french.


Would it be possible to get French sentences to transcribe? For now, I only get sentences in Spanish.


Bonjour Victoria…même problème pour moi, je suis français et je reçois des transcriptions en espagnol ou portuguais…c’est ennuyeux…