Common errors in "What's it about?" tasks

"Social security, last 4 numbers" or "Social Security, full number"

If mentioned in the audio:

  • Social
  • Social Security number
  • Your social number

You must select "Social Security, full number"

If mentioned in the audio:

  • Last four of the social
  • Security number, last four.
  • Last four digits of social security number

You must select "Social security, last 4 numbers "


1. You must be alert to the keywords:

  • "your social", “social security”, “social security number” … for "Social Security, full number"
  • "last four of social" … for "Social security, last 4 numbers "

It must contain the word “social” to determine if it is one of these two options.

  1. You must understand the context of the sentence:

[00:00:00] And your social?
[00:00:02] Nine three nine eight.

Correct answer: Social Security, full number

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Common errors in “What’s it about?” tasks.