Contractions - 'Cause or Because

Hello Atexto Community!

I hope someone can give clarity on Contractions. The audio uses the contracted form of the word “because” as " 'cause" and there is inconsistency on the corrections made to this when I transcribe them.

There are certain audios where I spelled out the contraction as “because” and it was paid, there are also other audios where I was corrected that it should’ve been put as 'cause.

Atexto, some consistency here please? This is what’s in the guide.

It’s just simply because that the correctors or reviewers whatever they call it here are not actually in line and I think each one of them has their own guidelines because I’ve been caught with that same scenario many times and I just don’t know anymore where I stand with the way they do the corrections, be it with CONTRACTIONS, SPEAKER or PUNCTUATIONS.

Same here. Got confused every single time that I see those corrections.

Could you pass me the code of these tasks, so I can review them?
Send me a screenshot, so I can also see the date, please.

Hi @AustimMunoz , here are some of those I can find. Couldn’t go over each audio to look for those with “because” in them.

Code 52705365 - because corrected to cause
Code 52315323 - audio has 'cause but I wrote down because and was not corrected
Code 52706109 - audio has 'cause but I wrote down because and was not corrected

@Angelica1025 @mjaneoc If you can share screenshots and task codes so Atexto can get this straightened out, it’ll be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Believe me I would also want to post the screenshots and task codes but there are so many calls that I have transcribed that has this issue and some of them are reported that I can’t go on finding them one by one.

Can I send the screenshots of all my reported tasks instead? :sweat_smile: :grin: All of those needs to be checked and a lot of them were unpaid.