Correction time delay


How long does it take to review transcription tasks? It’s been over 7 business days now and still my tasks are under review. According to your support site, I should get a full payment for that task.

Is that correct? Can you please tell me when will I get paid?

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That is also my concern. Will it reflect on the “amount earned” the tasks that are still under review, completed the previous day?

When will all my tasks be reviewed and earn the amount? I am supposed to be able to withdraw today but all my tasks are still under review.

Still No response, no review, no money for a job done

No point of wasting time for you any longer. You’re scam.

I still have tasks pending for corrections since April 2022, When will they be reviewed and corrected? The month of May is almost over, it will be a waste if the corrected tasks cannot be included in the payment as soon as possible. And how come the "corrections " needs to be CORRECTED, they don’t follow the guidelines . Are they really qualified to make the reviews and corrections? , it seems otherwise!!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS , definitely there are a lot of us out there with the same dilemma .