Delayed payment

I requested a payment last Friday and I haven’t received it yet in my paypal account. please help

I still dont’t receive mine either

Hi, @TianaRajao, @cheskacastillo,
Have you received your payment?
If you have not received your payment, you can send me a screenshot of the payments with their withdrawal date, so I can verify it.

Hi. Can I ask why the rate of transcriptions are way too low than before? I can gather up 4 dollars a day before but now I can only get 2 dollars. Be more considerate on our hardwork. Those 2 dollars are literally a whole day for me.

Even before and now I didn’t won 2$ a day even being there whole day but it seems it’s normal for me, I don’t understand everybody can won more than this but not me

Kindly assist me with a withdrawal i made on April 1, 2022.

Kindly authorize my payment to account