Delete accccccount

Please delete my account on both sites. As I’m not surprised at all, the action of Deleting the account is broken - 405 error.

@Victoria @AustimMunoz Hello? It’s an actual request.

Hello @eyeofthequeen, why do you want to delete your account?

Because Atexto is total slavery.

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I’m not finding this funny … Delete my account… like yesterday. I tried clicking on the button again to delete my account by myself, still not working. GO GO GO !!!

I’m pretty tired of running after you guys … @Victoria @AustimMunoz @Franklin

Hi @eyeofthequeen, we apologize for the inconvenience while deleting your account; we’ll check it and solve it.

Any update, we’ll let you know.

Hi @eyeofthequeen you can try again, the problem should be solved.