Delete account please

Hi, I signed up and put in my phone number, then deleted the account and now I created a new one but it doesn’t let me use my phone number (even if the account is deleted).
Could you please solve the problem?

Hi @Claudia! Could you please tell me which was your old account? (The e-mail is enough) Thank you!

Hi, I sent it to you in a private message. The email is the one with “hotmail”.

Thank you!

@Victoria I sent you a private message with my email.

Thank you! We will check out your specific case!

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Hi @Claudia! As i metioned before we re checking your specific case. These things can take a few days! Thank you for your patience!

@Claudia! You are now free to associate you phone number to your new account. :blush: However, let me please advise you not to cancel your account to make a new one again because these things will continue to happen!

Thank you, Victoria! :grinning:
Yes, I won’t do that again, it was a mistake!

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