Emails about tasks Repeat out loud

I keep getting emails about repeat out loud tasks and I keep getting the same message stating get notified

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Yes me too! For weeks now it has been like this and nobody explains what is going on!


This is also happening to me. Daily emails “notifying” me about the new tasks, and now daily emails saying that the price has doubled. But when I click them, my tasks say “Get notified”. Furthermore, the set of 80 that I completed two weeks ago appear to have all been rejected and my payment dropped to zero! I am happy to repeat them as I did not leave the 2 second gap afterwards (this instruction was only added to the more recent emails AFTER I completed my recordings), however there is no link to do this.

I have also been getting regular emails telling me that there are more Repeat Out Loud tasks available, but when I log in there are none. And now I’m even getting emails saying you’ll get paid double for them but still nothing available!