Error 'Repeating Out Loud Task'

I made a topic here, about having the wrong value on my balance, i’ve got a response saying that it would be fixed, for a moment it was fixed but then after i decided to take the task ‘Repeating Out Loud’ where i had to repeat words 88 times i got a big red (X) on my screen saying there was an error when submitting the audio.

After the error i can’t take the task again, and my balance is not counting the ‘Repeat Out Loud’ tasks, again.

topic mentioned:

How can I get a repeat out loud task? It always says get notified.

@JohnDoe Can you share a screenshot with us when you get this error again?

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@MNM, only transcription tasks are available in your region.

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Thank you for that information

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Hey, thanks for answering.
Unfortunately i didn’t took any screenshot, next time i’ll do it.

Will i receive something for this task?