💸 Get a $10 bonus by completing the transcription tasks!

I am knew at the community. I never get transcription tasks nor in English or Portuguese. Always says unavailable audio. Thanks.

I’m really interested in this project. I hope you can help me.

I am also interested in this project.

Hola, soy de peru y hablo castellano, podrian ayudarme a encontrar una primera tarea?

@AustimMunoz , I think the requirement with regards to contribution rate is impossible to achieve. There’s no problem getting the number of tasks with the required accuracy, so I think this whole bonus thing isn’t meant to be given if that’s the case. Just my opinion.

@AustimMunoz I also want to do the REPEAT OUT LOUD project, but every time I click into it, it always prompts me this: Thanks for your interest! There’ll be more “Repeat out loud” tasks to start earning money. Click on “exit” and search for the “I’d like to transcribe” section for transcription tasks. I’m really interested in doing this project instead of doing transcription all the time.

@AustimMunoz @Franklin
It’s impossible to get an accuracy like that if the corrections you get make no sense at all.
The editors, whether human or ai/bot, deliberately add words that are not even in the audio, or they make up their own words, put in words that sounds alike, but it was CLEAR on the audio what was said.
So please, kindly, tell us transcribers if this is even achievable if the admins don’t even check the reported corrections.

I have tons more screenshots of these “corrections”.
Pay per task is already way too low, then we get nonsensical corrections just to lower the accuracy point for the task.

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I speak Creole i speak frensh

Hi @Kebeau,
There are currently tasks available in French

Wrongly getting corrected in order to lower the accuracy. I’m getting astonished that I haven’t wrote that but still from where it got removed if i haven’t added it. Over on that after dedicating whole day, after compl

eting almost 2000 tasks everyday, maintaining 100% accuracy and 40 % contribution just getting 2 dollars at the end of the day. ( One more technical faults I have observed as I’m a data analyst by profession so my main job is observation, the technical error is suppose I’m completing 2000 tasks and all are not getting corrected at that point of time and when the next day cycle starts, I could see the same amount is reflecting whatever I had seen last day before the correction of the pending tasks. It simply means the effort I gave already went worthless totally. )


Hi @Saurav2752, thanks for the comment.

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How do i get the green n pink highlight?

i tired no highlights

Hi, @Mek,
The green and pink highlights are shown in the “My Tasks” section.

In gree: What was added to the transcription you submitted.
In pink or red: What was removed from the transcription you submitted.

This is not shown in the transcript editor, which is the screen you are on now. This is only shown in the “My tasks” section, only when your task has already been corrected.

:astonished: ok this makes everything clear i only earn

$0,04 yesterday

out of 14 none correct. :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried:

Please give me a task