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Here you can request features that will help you to complete tasks easier or any type of feedback for the community.

Your feedback and commitment is very important to us as we try to improve every day.
So if you have constructive criticisms and suggestions for us to further improve our site please let us know! :grinning:


I just wanted to let you know that the translation from Spanish to English does not always occur. I keep getting the same task to complete, but it is in Spanish.

In addition, once I complete a task and hit submit and continue, it does not really continue. I keep having to click the back arrow to go to another task. When it should automatically take me to the next task after I hit submit and continue.

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Hello! If you receive a task in spanish and you have selected another language to do your tasks, you have to press the F6 key on your key board and the [NOT-ENGLISH] tag will appear. Also you should always transcribe, never translate. Hope this helps you!

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Hi, i believe you shound add a sound of “phone notification” in the non-human sounds, to improve transcription. Also please add the “moving the phone sound”. Could you add also “baby noises in the background”, and “bad quality reception”?

Thank you.

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Thank you so much for your suggestions! We really apreciate them and we will take them into consideration! Happy new year! :grinning:

Also i just found out that i send some transcriptions where i corrected the mistakes, and when i go to the list of tasks and the correction of it, the text you received is not the one i typed … i mean it’s the original one, not the corrected i sent, and because of that, my quality is bad. what can i do about it?

also, the correct word for the tool player is not “joueur” but “lecteur” in french, please correct that.

Also, the prices you announce for each are kinda innacurate in transcriptions because most of time we only do a part of the job, so it doesn’t pay a lot. Example, i did a task of transcription, accuracy 100/100 and only got 0.06 euros… because it was part of a bigger transcription. so you’d better announce it depends on how much of the total transcription is done by one user.

Olá, sou nova aqui, mas estou bastante interessada em fazer dar certo esse trabalho. Porém, estou enfrentando dificuldades, porque os manuais em português português ainda são limitados e tenho consultado alguns em inglês e espanhol.
Algumas dificuldades:
Colocar a Tag F4 ou as do F8 no momento exato do áudio, pq o áudio fica correndo e tenho de apertar o f4 e nunca cai exatamente no momento certo, aí volto e faço a correção, talvez tenha um outro jeito, mas não descobri.
E tive uma tarefa rejeitada e como erro grave… não consegui abrir para saber o que era, mas como estou indo bem nas tarefas e tive uma com uma particularidade que era a palavra SMS na transcrição, pelas leituras que fiz, entendi que nesse caso não deveria transcrever e colocar a tag f6 FOREIGN.
Não faço ideia se esse realmente foi o erro ,ou outra coisa, porque não abre para eu ver e nesse caso, uma explicação detalhada também seria importante.
Outra situação que abri mão de três tarefas é o áudio com ruído ou sem som inteiro, inseri a tag F4 e aparecia uma mensagem de erro, informando que deveria ter data e hora, mas nada tem data somente hora… não entendi o que deveria fazer e desisti .
Podem me orientar ou dizer onde busco essas orientações?

Eu quero acessar minha conta.
Meu email é
Faz semanas que não consigo sequer entrar na conta.

Quando teremos mais tarefas para o Brasil?

Good day. I am almost a week on this website. As I read some of the comments of the users here in Atexto community, they don’t receive their payment successfully. There are some who received it but in the majority, they’re all complaining about your payment. I recognized that this is a legit online paying job, however, I am honestly discouraged already if I should continue making tasks even if I reached 20 USD already. For the reason, that I think I will just encounter some problem on the payment like the others did, and ended up being dismayed rather than feel enthusiastic after my hardwork.

Additionally, I’ve seen a lot of topics that have concerns that you’re still not answering. You should perform everyday to answer the concerns promptly.

I commend you on a continuous tasks on the transcriptions. Nevertheless, in the Philippines, we really do not get tasks from the two other tasks which are the “Read out loud” and “Say it in your own words”.

I hope you read this and make an action if you want to have more users on your website. Thank you.

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This is for all and particularly Atexto. Atexto, my suggestion is regarding the regular transcription tasks. If possible, before accepting the submitted text from us transcriptionists, introduce an arrangement of holding the submitted task for some time (say, for one, two, or five minutes). This feature would make room for correction if one has left accidentally, but has submitted the task. Rest is upon you. Have a great day!

when we rate the reviews or feedback, what exactly is happening? or, is there any info on what exactly that is and how that works? like an article?

hope my question makes sense, lol