How to report wrong corrections if the option is not there?

Hi, I have seen older posts that say whenever you notice wrong corrections to “report” them. For some reason this is not an option for me, because when I open “My Tasks” and go to the Review section I can’t open or click anything other than listening to the audio again.

How can I report wrong corrections? Because in the correction they took away all the words that I purposely added that you can clearly hear the person say in the audio file. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey, I have exactly the same problem. Don’t know about the ‘Say it in your own words’ option yet, because none of them are reviewed yet. But the ‘I like to transcribe’, the corrections are wrong, but can’t report them because the flag is nowhere to be found.

However there are a Thumbs up and Thumbs down option behind it. Some are already green, and I can’t change them. But the blanks I can change.

I hope this problem soon gets revolved.

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Unfortunately it is not solved yet. But I found a way around it. Go to this page in the knowledge database:

There you can click on the word ‘profile’. This will give you the option to ‘red flag’ any wrong corrections (I guess it is like doing to red thumps down).

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Awesome. Thank you, I reported the ones that weren’t corrected properly. This helped so much!

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any action on the reported wrong corrections.

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True, I have also noticed this. Such a shame!

Nothing happens, I still did not get paid for this thumbs down evaluation

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