How to start in Atexto?

In this publication, we will solve the questions of the new collaborators who start earning money in Atexto.

What is the first thing you need to know?
Tasks are enabled depending on the existence of a new project, we will send you an email notifying you that you have available tasks, we will announce it through the community.

How to work with Atexto?
To start, you need to create an account and log in: My Atexto account. :point_left:

You will be able to see several types of tasks, but you will only be able to access those that are available:

The tasks where you may be most hesitant to complete them are the transcription tasks (I like to transcribe). There are a number of points to consider before completing them.

  • Read the Guide to completing transcription tasks: Transcription Guide. you must know every instruction in this guide, your account can be affected if you don’t follow the instructions in this guide, we guarantee that it won’t be complicated and you will be able to read it in 15 minutes, and any questions you may have can be found in the community.
  • The tags , There are sounds that cannot be transcribed. How do you transcribe when someone yawns, there is an ambient sound (a motorbike, a bark, or you hear someone screaming), we call these non-verbal sounds . You can add them by pressing F8 + (Fn + F8) , learn more about non-verbal sounds by clicking here.
  • Audio in another language , It is not about translating but about transcribing, and for audios in another language there is the tag Foreign , and it only has to be set by pressing the F6 key or ( Fn + F6 ), read more.
  • Is all the audio silent? , if the entire audio is muted, use the Inaudible tag, simply press the F4 or (Fn+F4) key.
    Example of a correct transcription with completely silent audio:

[00:00:00] [INAUDIBLE 00:00:00]

    • Just didn’t understand a word? use Inaudible and mark the right time when you don’t understand the word that was said.

`[00:00:00] Hi, I would like to [INAUDIBLE 00:00:02] nothing more.

I recommend you read these articles:

  1. How and when the footnote INAUDIBLE 00:00:00 has to be used?
  2. What should I transcribe when no one’s talking?
  • Search for your questions in the community , ask questions and share them with everyone, if you don’t find what you are looking for you can open a new topic.

If you have more questions, share them in the comments. :point_down:


how?? can u please guide me??


Hi @Binas I recommend you to read the publication
:point_right: How to start in Atexto?.


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