I currently cant view my tasks page, kindly help @victoria @AustimMunoz

Im not a atexto employee but what i found out is that tasks are put under a previous day.
Tasks completed on the 13th of february can be found on the 12th of feb, and so on. I don’t know if this is the case for you, but for me it is.

My issue is that I can’t and have never viewed the tasks that I have done, ever since I joined. My task tab says “You haven’t completed tasks yet” but I have completed tasks and even done a successful withdrawal despite that. I would really like to view the tasks that I do, with the amount paid and the Accuracy for each task that I do. I fail to understand why the my task tab should be empty when in real sense I have done tasks.

I’m new and I’m getting this same issue. This is what it shows in my home page

but when I click on “view details”, It says I haven’t completed any tasks but tells me the date of when I FINISHED my last task

it’s been 24 hours already. Still haven’t received feedback and no money received. I’m hesitant to continue doing tasks without having received any feedback as I know I could have my account restricted for continuously submitting tasks not compliant with minimum standard

Hello @init4Dmoney, @pwekesa151
Can you try to access from another device? You can use your cell phone and check if these tasks are showing. Please send me a screenshot if your tasks are still not showing.

I did that severally using my MAC PC, A Hp laptop and my smart phone, but the response was same as the screenshot I sent here earlier.

I also have the same issue, I do tasks everyday but I have never viewed the task details :sob: :sob:

Hello everyone, we are working to solve this problem

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Same with me, how do I get to know what is my mistake and what to correct

We are still working to resolve this issue. You may receive an email when this issue is solved.

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Me too. It is always appearing like that. I already completed 578 tasks but I cannot view my completed tasks, please help. Thanks.