I have a problem with a sign on my keyboard

I just went down very fast with my transcriptions as I have jused a different slash than the one I obvious used, but I do not know wich other I should use…

Hi, could you please give me more details about what your issue entails?

Hello Victoria
I try to understand why i went so down in the pourcentage of my work.from 97 To 84 in some hours without having changend something. The last try my computer tiltet and I had to refrech the pages…could it be that ?
After all this seems to cause no more work for me. I m scared having scrued up…could you tell me something about this ?

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Hi @Praith! At the moment we do not have tasks in German, that is why you can’t transcribe right now. So don’t worry you haven’t done anything wrong. When we have new tasks available we will let you know through our community and through email.