Is Atexto has an available job to everyone?

I still haven’t gotten any job out here. Can somebody help me to get a job? because whenever I will get into the challenges/task it isn’t always available. I am thinking if there is real job for me here or not, because I have been using atexto for awhile and I haven’t started anything yet.


it is a fraud… you will work long and your money will never get big enough to withdraw… they will say it is 10 today, tomorrow they say nine, then 6 and they simply don’t explain why

Well, yeah I guess so, and yeah I remember I did invite someone here too but they did not put my money on my acccount. LOL.

Me too, still not received any job assignment. I think waste of time.

It is available for everyone, but just for some extra money because there is not enough tasks available right now.
I got 2 after registering and then I could withdraw it, because it was $18 and now I’m waiting for it to arrive.
For inviting people, you get your money after they do their first withdrawal, so it’s not instantly.