Is Atexto real? Payment proof

Hi @tel, Maybe your account needs review

  • Send an email to
    • Use as the subject of the email: Review my Atexto account (You need to use exactly this subject).
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HI Abhijit here, how long did you spend to get this 3.97 im still on 0,19 after spending like 1 hour

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It took me 3 and a half days, and I worked for 3-4 hours a day.

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So that means you worked for 10-12 hrs and received 4 dollars. This is so not what they promise. I mean this is not even 1$/ hour.

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From the Philippines. Yep, Atexto is a legit paying website and this is my first payment. Withdrawn last 06/25 and received today 07/01. Thank you


Yes, a legit one. It works as mentioned in website. I was able to withdraw funds last Friday and I received the funds in my PayPal account yesterday(3-5 business days).

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That’s true, other tasks that pay more are not available in India.

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Hello, guys! I’m from Philippines. Yes, I had my doubts on this website in terms of the payment. However, I just received my first payment. I guess Atexto is just trying to improve their performance in general. My only problem now is that there’s no tasks given for a week now. I hope they will provide soon.

In conclusion, Atexto is real and really paid us from our hardwork in this website. They just need to enhance their overall performance and need more tasks for the users.


Hi any news when Tasks will be available again… I am not getting any since 2 weeks

Hi. How did Atexto works? I’m from the Philippines too.

Hi @PamsA, I hope this article is helpful, feel free to ask me if it is not clear.

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Hello po, ano pong exam time pwede mag cash out sa atexto? Salamat po.

You can withdraw on Fridays of every week, the minimum withdrawal is $10.

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Thank you, I received my payment as said, asked for it on friday and received it the next thursday (2 days ago)


Olá eu entrei em minha primeira tarefa de transcrição e não abriu o campo para poder digitar o texto que eu ouvi e quando eu entrei novamente apareceu que não tinha mais tarefas disponíveis, você pode me ajudar? Gratidão

Hi @Jessy86,
Can you tell me what is your mother language registered in Atexto?