Is there a cap on tasks?

I was doing “repeat out loud tasks” as well as “in your own words” but it seems I’ve been capped and can’t complete anymore? I’ve received emails stating there are tasks available but when I login and try to complete them the following happens.

I click on the “complete tasks” button I get the following pop up message:
Thanks for your interest! More “Repeat Out Loud” tasks will be available soon so you can generate income.

Is there a cap on how many you can complete per day/week etc…? I was only able to do 10 of these and 20 of the “say it in your own words”

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Hi! At the moment we have “Say it out loud” tasks available, but as you mentioned, it is possible that you have already done every task we had assigned you. We do have transcription tasks available currently, so i invite you to do those activities while we upload new “Say it out loud tasks”. :grinning:

How often do new tasks get uploaded? I ran myself out of tasks yesterday and didn’t have any new ones to do today.

The amount of tasks we upload depends on our current projects. If you have completed all your “Say it out loud” tasks we invite you to do our transcription tasks, we now even have a new bonus for your first completed transcription task.

Sads, no bonus for me, did transcription last week.