📚 Learn how to complete "Say it in your own words" tasks

Here you will be able to ask and find the answers to all your doubts regarding the “Say it in your own words” tasks. Any time you have a question about this topic make it here so the rest of the community can help you!

For these tasks, you will have to record your own voice while following the instructions on your screen. The most important aspect of these tasks is that you have to answer the prompts naturally, as if you were having an actual conversation. You DON’T have to read the prompt.

Here we have curated a guide you may find helpful when completing the “Say it in your own words tasks”:

  • You will need a computer (to access the tasks) and a phone where you can recieve the calls.

  • Atexto takes care of the cost of the call, so you won’t be charged at all.

  • The first time you are completing these tasks, you will have to provide your country of residence and your phone number.

  • If you have made a mistake or if you didn’t have the necessary amount of time to read the prompt, don’t worry, you can press the repeat botton as many times as you need.

  • Each of these tasks are worth a different amount as we take into account many factors, as difficulty, length, topic, etc. But you can expect the paid amounts per task to range from 0,5 to 15 american dollars.

If you want more information about these type of tasks, you can click here and access our full article on this topic. Or you can make your question here!

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