💰 List of streak winners (33 USD each)

:tada: Congratulations to the winners!
:desktop_computer: We know the effort you made to keep the volume of the task every day; the result for the ones that didn’t give up is a great prize of 33 USD for each of you.

First name Last name
Rabin Tasso
Gladys Theo
Kiara Rossi
Samantha Nicole Magabilin
Sara Rothenberg
Alpha Sow
Joan Mirrar
Maria Jose Ayerbe
Despoina Gavriilidi

Continue transcribing to get more prizes, bonuses, and getting more money working with us!

The prizes will be credited to your accounts next week before Friday, so you can withdrawal your money on Friday, 18.


Medal awarded to all winners! :trophy:

Streak completed on day 7



My dashboard is still blank, could you fix that? Please.
I want to transcribe. Thanks.


I would like an answer. Thanks.

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Which browser are you using?

I’m using google chrome browser

Can you share a video or screenshot of the problem, please?

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Também não estou fazendo transcrição porque para mim não aparece nada já faz semanas e hoje entrei permanece do mesmo jeito…

I am Jessy George .I didn’t get my welcome bonus


I have not been able to log in for over a week and someone please look into this matter for me so I can get back to work. My email is mariehugcraven@yahoo.com

Hi @lilblackwidow1, you must do the following:

  • Send an email to workhub@atexto.com
    • Use as the subject of the email: Review my Atexto account (You need to use exactly this subject).

Olá @rosestrey, avisaremos por e-mail e pela comunidade quando tivermos mais tarefas disponíveis.

Hi @ Jessy-George1961 the welcome bonus is credited on Thursdays.