Messages and errors in Atexto are disturbing the recording. Because of this I could not finish tasks

Messages and errors in Atexto are disturbing the recording, could I turn the messages off? And where there any system failures in the last 15 minutes? Because of this I could not finish my last few tasks. And this also blocked my account for new tasks in “Say it in your own words”. I was just starting to get into it. Could you make it possible for me to receive new tasks in this subject?
Also the waiting time for transcription to be loaded is very long at the moment (one minute sometimes), looks like the system is struggeling to handle the workload.

And could I also get a direct email adress and phone number to have these issues handled quickly so I can start with new tasks immediately. This way I could be way more productive. At the moment I have a week planning of more than 20 hours a week for working with atexto and I would like to put as much time as possible in the “say it in your own words” tasks. Because this fits me the most.

I also have some other questions concerning business deals and opportunities which I rather would put in a phone conversation or email. And I have some questions concerning the price levels. For instance, I got 8 cent a text for corrected texts first, and now I get less than 5 cents a text in my account. What is the exact compensation for one corrected text or how is this calculated? Is this a price per second recording or something, and what is the price for recording and for correcting?
I also would like to have some feedback on my recordings. Are there a lot of words which are not yet rocognized by the speech to text recognition software? Can I correct my own recordings to learn how I can improve my articulation, so the software could recognize my voice better?

Is there any possibility to receive a direct email address and that you could call me about these questions?

Thank you and kind regards,