Money balance is decreasing from balance

Hi Team,

In my money option, my amount is decreasing every day from my balance. Please check at your end and provide a solution.

Thanks and Regards

Kishore Pendharkar


Hi, @raju,
Because tasks are corrected frequently, it is likely that some of your tasks contain errors and therefore reduce money.

So although my money section says a total at the present time, how long does it take for corrections to come through, which could reduce the balance? Are corrections made for mispronounced words or errors of grammar? There have been several instances when phrases or words have been misspelt e.g. mini copper instead of mini cooper. I have stuck to what was written on the screen so I hope that won’t be counted as an error!!

Many thanks


Corrections can take several hours to be processed.
Yes, corrections are made for each word, don’t worry if there is an error in the text, you will not be penalized for it. We will look for more of these errors so that they don’t keep showing up.

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Thank you for your reply. I have one other question. I noticed one of the prompts from yesterday was rejected as I hadn’t followed the instructions appropriately… It sounds correct to me. Is there a method for challenging a rejection? And in the case of letters eg BMW am I correct in thinking that I speak them exactly as I see on the screen?

Thanks again


Can you tell me what that task is?, to review it.
Send me the date and ID of that task.

Yes it is this one
2021-10-27T10:32:49.448Z Repeat out loud 46bce694-159f-4b93-a9c9-099b68192d23

I did say ‘zed’ instead of ‘zee’. English (UK) pronunciation used. If there are particular ways of pronouncing words and letters, I think a guide on the platform would be useful. I haven’t found one yet.

Many thanks


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Hi @Diana30,
Don’t worry, we will review your task.
There is no article for how to pronounce words at the moment, don’t worry about that point, if you get another task rejected incorrectly, let me know.

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Hi, @Diana30,
Your task has been corrected.

Hi @AustimMunoz
Many thanks!

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Hi @AustimMunoz
Several of my tasks have been rejected. When I listen, the words seem clear but there is a click when I use my mouse to go on to the next prompt. Would this be the reason for the rejection? If so, I think it would be useful if tips were offered at the start so that taskers knew not to use the mouse to switch between prompts.

I will wait for your response before sending you the individual tasks.

Many thanks


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Hi @AustimMunoz

Sorry to keep finding questions but because I am new to this, I am trying to understand why my tasks have been rejected.

I am sending you the details of a rejected post here:
2021-10-27T11:31:45.300Z Repeat out loud bc5f02f7-9a51-4fa8-9a97-c47bc0f396c1

As far as I can hear, the only problem is the click of my mouse as I went from one prompt to another. Is this the reason for the rejection? If so, please advise as to how we go from one to another without making any sound. There are others where I used the touchpad and even then, there is a slight noise.

I have lots of rejections that I would like you to check, but I will wait till you have replied to this message.

Hi @Diana30,
You can send me all the assignments where you have doubts about your rejections.
We will review the tasks you share with us.

Is it best to send them in an email? There are about 26 so far!



Here are the tasks from 26th October:

2021-10-26T16:08:50.495Z Repeat out loud a640ef00-2316-479b-bf27-1f00a80fae8d
2021-10-26T17:19:16.207Z Repeat out loud 83be1a4d-41bd-40fb-8b34-1f04bcaf4e8e
2021-10-26T21:37:35.274Z Repeat out loud 2054f004-6c1a-424f-93ab-dac989f437c9
2021-10-26T21:43:58.501Z Repeat out loud 1b4270a7-6351-40b8-9976-29f2a5f4f428

From 27th
2021-10-27T10:07:28.085Z Repeat out loud 02536b43-57f9-40b0-9265-127bf6e36678
2021-10-27T10:15:53.908Z Repeat out loud e91f786a-7cd8-46bf-b322-f7cd8e444894
2021-10-27T11:31:45.300Z Repeat out loud bc5f02f7-9a51-4fa8-9a97-c47bc0f396c1
2021-10-27T11:45:18.787Z Repeat out loud 06e4282d-ae19-4b51-a736-72f99391df2e
2021-10-27T12:09:44.174Z Repeat out loud a39002da-09f2-40a2-9b5d-c3d591b23db0
2021-10-27T12:38:42.988Z Repeat out loud 40f13312-d0a2-4490-bd0e-257009e00894
2021-10-27T13:12:47.692Z Repeat out loud 223454cb-6cb9-4ba8-adeb-28451955cc92
2021-10-27T21:23:36.214Z Repeat out loud 875b1a56-5bfe-499a-8a28-01f281a2a781

2021-10-27T21:23:36.214Z Repeat out loud 875b1a56-5bfe-499a-8a28-01f281a2a781
2021-10-28T10:23:47.581Z Repeat out loud 07701089-9a71-4fc0-bf7e-b47e1e8c43c8
2021-10-28T10:28:52.769Z Repeat out loud 88e03a7a-fa31-4fc0-a988-1171efab3b3b
2021-10-28T11:38:45.999Z Repeat out loud e9f1f6a3-07f5-4975-8e6a-fcfc60ddc0d8
2021-10-28T11:43:58.388Z Repeat out loud a9c69889-cdd3-44ee-843a-5e1909f54799
2021-10-28T11:51:41.319Z Repeat out loud 47046e39-ac25-4c7c-9d16-78acc1e041b2
2021-10-28T11:54:05.558Z Repeat out loud b435c359-0c90-446e-8f32-ef8a3564b48f
2021-10-28T13:24:19.432Z Repeat out loud bb537af0-ba04-4ea2-932a-822c2c3d3684
2021-10-28T13:32:31.154Z Repeat out loud 776b4625-8daf-4498-8460-b66e0c011c01
2021-10-28T13:37:31.752Z Repeat out loud 21ec212c-9557-4f68-a91e-1fa97ee74aec
2021-10-28T13:50:39.777Z Repeat out loud 346c798f-a867-4c81-9830-9cd5c5fd59ab
2021-10-28T14:54:20.857Z Repeat out loud d10a1101-d2bf-4429-a9ea-a4d1b152a95d
2021-10-28T15:00:14.439Z Repeat out loud c6c7fcf-d576-4048-889f-44fcd992a4e4
2021-10-28T15:07:26.976Z Repeat out loud 3d95c4b4-9459-4f5a-a362-e1e6de8e3ef1

Apologies for the huge number. I am grateful for the review of these tasks. I think there should be some way of explaining in more detail why the prompt has been rejected. The phrase “didn’t follow the instructions appropriately” is of no real help when we are trying to do the best we can.

There may well be more from me. I haven’t looked at my balance today.

Many thanks


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Thank you for your feedback,
We will review your tasks.

Hi Austim

Sad to say I have another 37 prompts to be reviewed.

26th October
2021-10-26T16:21:34.493Z Repeat out loud 67ed3a42-c217-4d6f-995c-839b7c67caeb (Habib Bank not correct. All the rest ok)
2021-10-26T19:35:38.205Z Repeat out loud eb939132-a8b4-4470-9bd7-96bf030c81ce
2021-10-26T20:12:01.992Z Repeat out loud 3758b889-3c6e-493f-ac33-aabc65e40139 (Perfect!)
2021-10-26T21:21:24.580Z Repeat out loud 7e0dde8a-66a2-41b1-98a8-8b8f6ed1d0c3

27th October
2021-10-27T09:58:53.596Z Repeat out loud d8ef5dcf-2893-4607-a442-1a8e5905e57e
2021-10-27T10:32:49.448Z Repeat out loud 46bce694-159f-4b93-a9c9-099b68192d23
2021-10-27T11:38:21.296Z Repeat out loud 41fd8af7-c824-48f9-9de9-458d33482a5c (One wrong. No money for 1 bad prompt?)
Repeat out loud 2021-10-27T11:55:08.297Z Repeat out loud 6f7cef2c-bbaa-4c0c-a62e-c8c57d730336

FYI All the rest of my tasks were done with the phone call method
2021-10-27T16:48:21.664Z Repeat out loud 2d973823-c26c-4440-b25a-8c7229921b6f
2021-10-27T16:51:15.086Z Repeat out loud 2409db05-b039-4a29-b3fb-c975ce206b2e
2021-10-27T16:54:13.504Z Repeat out loud ffd5428f-45e3-4c79-92d9-46fe5ab899b1
2021-10-27T16:57:05.457Z Repeat out loud 6edc0280-43b8-4bc2-9944-0349d62ee152
2021-10-27T19:05:11.965Z Repeat out loud 7341b815-d804-4465-beab-48b906f1a30c
2021-10-27T17:29:26.787Z Repeat out loud1f210d47-b248-4191-8298-c7884810d6c7
2021-10-27T17:53:46.046Z Repeat out loud 60149d35-4c4a-426b-b3de-52b5eb8b2e16
2021-10-27T17:57:01.209Z Repeat out loud 881bf6a4-a471-43cf-987e-a41951105e47
2021-10-27T19:01:07.307Z Repeat out loud 32d049bb-724b-47b1-96ba-ca151161a806
2021-10-27T19:05:11.965Z Repeat out loud 503b326d-23b6-48a8-8fff-ec37577b0efb
2021-10-27T21:07:13.172Z Repeat out loud 64b38d21-2e0b-4d7a-af85-8aad675673a9
2021-10-27T21:10:07.500Z Repeat out loud 182fc5d9-735c-4f15-a9a9-b56a76db28fe
2021-10-27T21:20:47.239Z Repeat out loud 2d417046-7bd6-4fd2-91fc-6c3b0cb4cc23
2021-10-27T21:26:26.206Z Repeat out loud 1daa7e97-abac-4942-9a2a-c7346959b2a9

28th October All these were done with the phone method
2021-10-28T09:59:17.457Z Repeat out loud 0462698b-e9c3-4e30-a306-73beda3f8a26
2021-10-28T10:01:49.438Z Repeat out loud 5ffd357f-2e82-4af7-a33f-5c5af1e6d900
2021-10-28T10:04:40.440Z Repeat out loud 91917558-a5dc-4aa5-9f9c-8421537f5e41
2021-10-28T10:10:20.479Z Repeat out loud e08ab65e-7437-493c-966b-9e1329f9c0d2
2021-10-28T10:26:16.782Z Repeat out loud de395e96-a4d8-4e0f-87dc-27d68b72aed6
2021-10-28T11:15:30.709Z Repeat out loud 55f6bc7e-5f5b-4175-8b39-6c956909ad31
2021-10-28T11:41:28.694Z Repeat out loud 40195dc7-6353-40d5-ba2c-b08c4e524a98
2021-10-28T11:46:29.276Z Repeat out loud 7e956b5b-f0da-40f5-b18c-76c2ba3cfbf6
2021-10-28T11:48:56.932Z Repeat out loud f10b69e2-180a-448e-b922-755339b352fd
2021-10-28T13:09:20.755Z Repeat out loud ba4003af-b9ba-4428-b368-0c45c7077272
2021-10-28T13:17:53.497Z Repeat out loud 5306dfe9-f4bd-402d-8ccb-7891773ee078
2021-10-28T13:20:55.654Z Repeat out loud 6c1b0a83-c18d-48d8-a4b0-cc2aa5106608
2021-10-28T13:29:28.864Z Repeat out loud f3fa1df6-bd4d-4f84-8c96-f8d4c0a4a301
2021-10-28T13:34:56.761Z Repeat out loud 60575e85-b230-40eb-b583-c62d094ad736
2021-10-28T13:42:48.926Z Repeat out loud e5d13ac8-53c7-4896-8912-55a4bdc90843

This is all for now. I feel certain that many of the rejections are because I was using the telephone connection and not my computer microphone. I hope many of them will be reinstated now you all know there is only one person and one voice submitting these tasks!



Hi, @Diana30,
Your tasks are not rejected because you have done them from the phone, we will continue to review these other tasks that you have shared with me.

Why is it my money is decreasing and the task that I’ve transcribe didn’t earned any money?

Hi @AustimMunoz
Thank you for your response. I am so sorry there are so many!