Money decreased in my account, I didn't withdraw yet

I had a $11 balance and had to wait until friday to withdraw, i log on today and suddenly my account is at $3.98. What happened! I didn’t withdraw, I didn’t see anything about rejected tasks. I want my money, I worked hard for that. Rejected tasks shouldn’t pull from the balance either. All that hard work for nothing

I have just had a huge shock! I have been waiting since November for the wrongly rejected tasks to be re-instated and the $63 repaid into my balance. I log on just now and find that my balance has been debited and now reads minus $135 approx!

This means that all the tasks I did, which were very many, have pretty much been rejected. I shall be taking this up with the admin people now!

something strange is going on!

There was apparently a bug today, a few of us have seen their balance decrease by quite a bit :confused:
I have advised @Franklin in a thread in French as well.

Glad to know that I’m not alone in this. Still, very upsetting!

I support myself doing various contracting work and only chose atexto since it’s weekly pay (if they have tasks available).

Seeing this awful glitch makes me very angry and not want to work with this company anymore. $11 might not be much but it does make a difference in paying a bill in full

Absolutely! No amount is inconsequential! :frowning:

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I hope things resolve for you, @Diana30! That’s unacceptable!

Thank you @magickatt! I hope so but I am not holding my breath for this one!