👆 More tasks, more money?

:point_up_2: More tasks, more money!

I’ve gotten various emails about an increase in the payment for the “Repeat out loud” tasks but my tasks have been credited again with the old low rate (0,25$ for 4-5 minute tasks).
@AustimMunoz : Would you know why this has happened? :thinking:

So, we are getting emails about doubled payment, the dashboard clearly says 0,50$ minimum per task but still my tasks get credited with only 0,25$. They also mainly appear with 0 seconds duration. Is there a mistake and they will eventually be credited with 0,50$ each? Or what can we really expect from the “Repeat out loud” tasks?
I’d like you to comment on this, please ( @AustimMunoz / @Franklin )

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So… Since my last reply here the advertised payment for the “Repeat out loud” tasks has been changed to 9$ per hour. Still I am getting paid only 0,25$ for each task that takes around 4-5 minutes. It actually adds up to 3-4$ per hour but nowhere near 9$.
Do you care to comment on this @AustimMunoz @Franklin ?

While I really appreciate certain gestures of goodwill I still think my questions deserve an answer. I understand that it must be annoying to have people complaining all the time (e.g. me) but “communication is the key”…

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¿Que onda jefe? @AustimMunoz

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Hi @sebastian, before the tasks were paid at $0.5, but they were too long tasks.
so those same tasks were cut in half (not your pay), but the number of tasks per call.
For example: if before in a call you had 20 prompts on the screen, now on a screen you have 10 prompts, so now you get $0.25, but in the end with both you get the same profit.
It was decided this way since the tasks were very long with many prompts and the call was cut and caused some collaborators to lose all their progress.
So the payment of the task has not decreased, but the number of prompts per call.

Prompts are each instruction that is shown to you on the screen.

Gracias por la repuesta, lo agradezco!

Gracias por ser paciente, hubo varios problemas la semana pasada y tuve que priorizar responder a los problemas más graves. Cualquier cosa que ocupes estoy para ayudarte.

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Is “Repeat out loud” task available in English?