Negative balance

Hi team, my account is showing a negative balance.
I’m already doing tasks, but may I just confirm if it is okay to do tasks while this is still happening? Thanks

Gracias @Nikk.Ranoco,
Pourriez-vous me donner votre adresse e-mail enregistrée dans Atexto ?

@AustimMunoz same here…could you please see to it?

Bonjour @Sahildas, Pourriez-vous me donner votre adresse e-mail enregistrée dans Atexto ?

@AustimMunoz I cannot understand the language…But I think You have asked me to send an email to atexto , Is it? and If yes, then at which email address?

@Sahildas, Sorry, my mistake :sweat_smile:
Could you please give me your e-mail address registered in Atexto?

Hi, @AustimMunoz my email address is Thanks

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Hello @AustimMunoz , my email address is

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hii @AustimMunoz.In my account its showing,
There are no transcriptions available for my country. Could you please help me in this matter?

@ShivangiNaidu Now you can complete one task, and you must select English as your native language. With that your problem is solved.

I am still not able to do it

@AustimMunoz English is selected as the native language. still i am facing the same issue.

Hi, @AustimMunoz
Sorry to be a pain, but I am now experiencing the same problem too. Hope you can help fix it. Thanks

Hi, @AustimMunoz
Just a gentle follow up on this. It’s been over 24 hours since this started and I’m still having this problem. Additionally, it shows “take a break” when I try to do tasks on “What’s it about?” even though some people are able to do tasks. Due to this, I believe something is wrong with my account.
Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

J’ai fait un retrait sur mon compte aujourd’hui mon compte est tombé à -2.29 pouvez-vous régler le problème svp.

Hi @Nikk.Ranoco,
You can start a task, and when filling out the form select English as your mother language.

Bonjour @cindynetti1,
Merci de le signaler, j’ai déjà signalé votre problème.

@AustimMunoz est ce que les paiements de cette semaine ont été effectuer ?

It works now! Thanks a lot for your help. :pray:

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@ptitange3386, Les paiements ont été effectués hier, avez-vous des problèmes ?