New "Repeat Out Loud" tasks available - 🇬🇧

:smile: We have great news, we have " Repeat Out Loud " tasks available for you.

:desktop_computer: You need to access the platform using a desktop/laptop (Windows, Mac, or Linux) device through Google Chrome , there you will be able to read the instructions and topics to talk about. You need a computer with a built-in microphone or an external microphone connected to your computer.

Helpful tips to consider:

  • Stay in a quiet place, with no noise around you (your tasks will be rejected if there is background noise, but you can repeat the recording as many times as you want).
  • Do not listen to music while answering the call.
  • Don’t repeat the instruction on the screen, you’ll need to answer each situation using your own words.

We recommend the following articles:


I have just done my first lot of these new repeat out loud tasks. The audio was uploading for a long time then the screen changed and said “no more retries available” and the task is not showing up under my tasks.

Last time I did this type of task it was done in blocks of 10 utterances, this time it was 100, maybe too many for the system to deal with in one go?

On trying again, the same set of utterances, I got an error message “An unexpected error occurred uploading your task. Try again later”.

There is now one repeat out loud task showing in my tasks, but this is showing an audio length of 0 sec.

I hope this will be fixed soon as I would really like to get on with these tasks.

Hello @Annibell79,
We are checking your account to verify this problem.

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Hi , I am having the same issue, completed two of the new tasks today, both 100 phrases each so quite long . Once uploading both times failed and no record of me completing them. I think it is too many to upload and there is a problem your end. The last batches were uploaded in 10s and no issues there. Reluctant to try again as it’s a lot of talking to find your work doesn’t upload at the end.


Kathryn Burrows

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It’s now saying there are no more tasks available!

We are reviewing this problem so that it does not happen again.

We hope to have more tasks coming soon, stay tuned to our emails and communications.

I did these repeat out loud tasks 2 x 100 phrases and it’s not showing in my completed tasks.
Also I spent 3.5 hours doing the transcribing and it’s showing as $2.32. That’s insane.
Where’s the real money?

Hello, @adsben,
Can you tell me the day you completed these tasks?

Tuesday 8th February.

Hello @adsben,
Are your tasks already displayed in “My tasks”, can you check it?

There is one repeat out loud task now showing but it says review rejected

Can you please check my account, and let me know why I can’t get any tasks but the transcribing, I wanted to try the “What’s it About” Tasks which indicates there are tasks available, but I click it and it says “take a break”.

Is there a reason I can only do transcribing?


Good day!

This is Kelvin from PH, and looking for new task. Currently experienced with transcribe audio. Please help me to get this task.

Hello, we constantly make revisions of tasks, can you tell me if they have been corrected? If you think your task should not be rejected send me the date you completed it and the text of the prompt, I will be able to verify if your task is correct.

Hello, “What’s it About” tasks are not available at the moment. You will receive an email confirming the tasks available to you. Have you received these emails?
There does not seem to be a problem with your account, it is likely that only transcription tasks are enabled in your region.

Thank you for letting me know.

I need assistance accessing “Repeat Out Loud” tasks. Appreciate.

This is a complete waste of my time.

I spent time doing 2 repeat out loud tasks of 100 phrases each.
Only one is showing which says review rejected.

I spent over 3 hours continuously doing “I like to transcribe” and the rate is so pathetic that it’s showing as just over $2.

This is a complete and utter rip off. It’s a scam.

I’ll be letting others know