New tasks that I urgently need

Hi, I’m Sara. The thing is, I really need new tasks on Atexto. I need them because I need more money from them. I’m not getting enough of them. Furthermore, I especially need ‘Say it in your own words’ or ‘Repeat’ tasks. They’re much easier for me than transcription tasks. Can someone please upload new ones as soon as it is possible to do so? Thank you.

Hi! At the moment we do not have any “Say it out loud” tasks in English. Obviously whenever we have them available we will upload them, it’s just not the case right now. However, we do currently have new transcription tasks available in English so we encourage you to try them!

Dear Victoria,

This is Sara Rothenberg. The thing is, there aren’t any transcription tasks currently available either. Can someone please upload a couple more? Thank you.