✨ New Tasks USA & Canada

We have new task for the United States and Canada.

:raised_hands: We have new “Repeat out loud” tasks.

:point_right: When you complete the “Repeat out loud” tasks, you will see a prompt on your screen which you will need to read out loud with a normal tone. If you do not have enough time to answer correctly
or you are not satisfied with your recording, you can click “Restart” a maximum of two times for each prompt. :point_right: Learn more here

To help you to prepare before completing these tasks, you can check here is a list of prompts to repeat in your task.

:memo:Please note:

:point_right: If you have not logged in to your account for a few weeks, it is likely that when you access your assignments
you will be shown a form which you must fill in with your correct data.