🇩🇪 New Weekend Mega Challenge!

:sparkles: A new Weekend Mega Challenge is here! :sparkles:

:arrow_right: To qualify, you must submit at least 150 tasks with at least 5% contribution and maintain a 91% precision.

:arrow_right: Whoever submits the most tasks wins. However, you will not qualify if your precision is lower than 91%.


  • 1st - 2nd place: 30 USD each
  • 3rd - 5th place: 10 USD each
  • 6th - 10th place: 5 USD each

*A few hours after the Challenge has started you will be able to visualize the statistics.

:spiral_calendar: Tasks submitted during this weekend are eligible to participate.

:no_entry_sign: Tasks that contain INAUDIBLE or FOREIGN do not count towards the Challenge.

:arrow_right: To participate, you only need to complete transcription tasks in Atexto; an extra registration is not required.

Do you have any doubts? Ask here below. :point_down:

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where do I find available tasks?

Good morning. I was still on the yesterday night with over 200 tasks (and still continuing to do more) and a 98.6 precision.

Why am I not on the list anymore this morning. I have fulfilled the requirements (over 150 tasks and over 91% precision)?

Please advice.

Hi! As the month changed yesterday the precision changes again. But don’t worry we are aware of this so we will take it into account when announcing the winners.

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Hi @hostchild! We have updated the list of winners and you should see yourself there! If you have any more issues or doubts, please let me know!

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And I am hoping to see more update on the results of the challenge and see the winner. I know this current result isn’t the final result. I can’t wait to see the winner although one is almost a projected winner.

Is this the final list of winners or is another one going to released today because my tasks in the list is far from what I did?

Good afternoon@Victoria

Is this the final list of winners or is another one going to be released today because my tasks in this list is far from what I submitted?

Could you tell me what appears to be the problem with the list?

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The total number of tasks I submitted was 781 but what I saw was 271. 226tasks on Saturday and 555 tasks on Sunday. The requirements that participants should submit at least 150tasks that has 5% contribution and maintain monthly 91% precision. Please look into this

We’ll look into it and come back to you! Don’t worry!

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Ok no problem. I will be waiting

Hi! We have checked our system and between Saturday and Sunday you have completed 277 tasks that meet our requirements!

The 5% contribution tasks?

:partying_face: We are happy to announce that all the prizes have been credited into the accounts of the winners! Congratulations!

:point_right: Remember you can withdraw your prize this Friday together with your other earnings!

Thanks the prize received. Please do remember also to credit my account with the $10 transcription bonus

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I got an email from Atexto that I am invited for a challenge that has started today and will end on 4th February 2021. Which challenge is that? German tasks challenge or English tasks challenge?

Hi! This new challenge is for users who complete tasks in English!!

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please check the pm… there was a german bonus from 26th to 30th january and i didnt receive it ( i passed all the required criteria tho).