No i like to transcribe tasks

hi, i am new here. i want to know why i like to transcribe tasks are not available. when i click complete task button, it shows me new window where is written that “ooops… this task was just taken by somebody else”. and it doesn’t end. please help me with that.

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what language are you using for the transcribe?

Hello, i am using english language. And also when i edit my personal information, it isn’t saved.

Hello. As of now, there are no English tasks yet. For about 3 weeks? if I remember correctly.

It’s been many weeks and there’s still no transcription tasks available :neutral_face:

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Sou nova aqui e estava adorando transcrever (pt-br) mas parece que terminaram as tarefas. Existe uma previsão de quando terá novos audios para transcrever?