No new tasks for English language in weeks

For some reason after my first week of working I have not been able to get into any tasks other than the regular ‘I like to transcribe’(Which works out to about $2 an hour for me). For the first week I had ‘Say it in your words’ and ‘Repeat out loud’ tasks regularly. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, I have even gone in right after I get an e-mail saying new tasks are available and they are not!

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Hi! Which type fo tasks are your referring to?

Say it in your words tasks and Repeat after me tasks

Hi! You are not doing anything wrong, it’s just that at the moment there are no “Say it out loud” tasks available. We do currently have transcription tasks in English and we do encourage you to try those!

My point is for a month there hasnt been any available. My first week there were a bunch and then no more after that. Transcription tasks pay me about $1-2 an hour and thats worse than slave labor