No tasks again for me

I don’t know but I feel like I am the only one who has the " Wow! Looks like there are no more tasks, for now." I have waited five hours and there are still no tasks for transcriptions. Those hours have been wasted for me and I could have been earned more.


Same problem with me… :cry:

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Please look this up @AustimMunoz

Can you do “What’s it about?” tasks?

I have the exact same problem, i signed up today and apparently there are no tasks AT ALL for me to do. I get the same image and the same message to “take a break”… from doing nothing. Does this website actually work? or is it some sort of scam?

yes but not the transcripts. i don’t do tasks from what’s it about because i dont see the records of my tasks there so i figure that i’ll be wasting my time there.

No, none of the task (no matter what type of task) are available or shown, all the site shows it’s the image above

Hi @Gabydq,
You have selected your account in the Spanish language, do you want to transcribe in that language?
Spanish is your mother language?

Hi @ellissa,
I have checked, and transcription tasks are no longer available.

but I want to transcribe yet there’s no tasks for me while others have no problem for that. please help me. it’s unfair now that you have a challenge for us and we cant transcribe.

ps: this is a current photo

I have checked, and transcription tasks are no longer available.
There are only “What’s it about?” tasks."

You can take the opportunity today to complete your tasks because we have a prize available.

it’s actually hard to figure out the number of tasks we made since we cant see it in the tasks log. anddd, here in the philippines it’s already July 29. We’re not following our timezone right?

You can be based on the local time in Mexico,
This is the current time in Mexico: 12:49 on Wednesday in Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico.

Hey @AustimMunoz I don’t have any tasks available in this category… They are telling me to take a break… I always do the tasks in french

Hi @EnricoDelPadre,
You talk about performing tasks in “What’s it about?” ?

Yes, je n’ai jamais eu des tâches What’s it about

Is this a scam. I could do 3 languages tasks if needed, but I have the same problem, no tasks. Whenever I try, it is sending me to take a break. Can someone advise?

In French, these tasks have not been enabled.

Your mother language is Spanish,
There will be tasks in this language soon.
Join the Spanish community
:point_right: Comunidad de Atexto en español

If I am trilingual, will it be possible to look for tasks in other languages?