No tasks, always shown Go to Dashboard

I can’t do tasks, it’s always shown “Go to Dashboard”. Is there anyone who experienced something similar to this? please help. Thank you in advance.


Hello, This is because there are no tasks available in your region, however, you can access and check for new tasks in your account, as transcription tasks are regularly enabled for all English speakers.

This is not a good reason, my region is one of the most educated and well known in the whole of Africa which is Nigeria, and it would be a shame to be told that there are no tasks to be had because of my region.

Our primary language here is English because it’s a multi ethnical country and I have a bachelor’s degree in English and Education and I have also done some several transcription jobs.

What this is going to do is to make people more dishonest about where they are from(if it hasn’t already) in a bid to get more tasks from this platform. You can make English exams a mandatory thing before joining the platform but this…segregation and discrimination is not the way to go about it.

Nenhuma tarefa desde terça, se que terça só conseguir fazer 3 tarefas de transcrição .
O que está acontecendo ? Será que ainda vem tarefa para minha região? Está acontecendo com mais alguém?

I agree, very well said.

This is not true as there are a bunch of people that can get any tasks done but tasks are not just available. Just close this site to a particular region or locale and be done with and stop wasting other people’s time and getting funds from the traffic the site is generating while noone can get any work done here.

It’s most upsetting.

Hello, there’s no task on the platform, I want to transcribe. When it will be available again here in the Philippines? I want to do some tasks now.

No available task since Sunday