No Tasks since yesterday

Hello @atexto my tasks stopped since yesterday am being told evry time log in “Get Notified”


When there are new tasks available, you get notified and the button will show complete tasks again.

Is there any task to transcribe? My dashboard has task to complete but when I click it says GET NOTIFIED. Let me know if anybody here is having the same situation.

l like this job to be done at home though having the lowest value for each task

Experiencing it. but sometimes there is continuous task.

I don’t totally go through to complete any task since Saturday. Complete task actually no task then get notified

Why it always end up to click go to dashboard. I haven’t make a task yet. Why?? I’m new to this.

You mean the ‘What’s it about’ tasks? Those are the only ones you need to check from time to time, because even when there are no tasks it will mention to complete them.

Oh! Thank you. I got my first task today and hope for another. Keep us notified the English please.

Task please. I’m almost at my $10 before I withraw.

IS There any elimination in Atexto tasking. It’s almost 2 weeks , my dashboard shows complete task but when click it again get notified. Anyone knows what is happening? thank you

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Same here. I’m getting confused like is this a scam? When I finished my second task it payed 2 cents low payed. I hope they gonna fix this.