Not able to do task

hi im not new in atexto but sadly every time i tr
I tried to do a task there is always a error it cant allow me to do any task​:pleading_face::pleading_face:

Same here, its stop when I reach 8dollars, and also they didn’t pay the right amount, I spend my whole day just to do the task but I only get 2dollars in a whole day.

You are so lucky to get $2 in 2 days! In my 2 days it’s like I forever in $0.50

for an hour it was just 0.35

update , as of yesterday the earnings is considered increasing fast, luckily!!!

yeah but unfotunately i only get few task, i dont know why.

on dashboard has task but when I click there is no any task for me. Anyone having the same situation with me? thank you

same here, i only get very few task since i cashout my balance.